Trade Study: Big, Boring Bank, 360%+ gains

José Ricaurte | August 16, 2021

Fintech companies like Square and PayPal get the people going in the financial sector. Not big, boring banks. Fintech is tech, after all, and tech companies get the blood pumping.

But when everyone’s looking at the sexy stocks, it’s often a great idea to check out those boring banks. Especially now.

And that was the case with this established financial institution that we made 360+% gains on…

Remember a particular institution that got in huge trouble for opening accounts in its customers’ names without permission?

Yeah, I’m talking about Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC).

Back in early July, banks were doing great. There was tons of liquidity. Stock buybacks were back. Inflation was (and still is) helping things out, too.

And right around July 7th, my Statistical Disruptive Flow strategy alerted me to plenty of hidden activity on WFC. 

Nearly $72,000,000 million dollars flowed into a few positions on WFC.

Someone knew something about WFC that most others didn’t. So I alerted PFG members to buy the following option:

WFC 2021 Aug 20 45.00 Call (@WFC  210820C00045000)

And to pay no more than $1.50/contract.

Of course, we tranched. Gotta have a plan for balancing potential reward and risk. Here’s what that looked like:

Tranche #1

Sell 50% of contracts at 260% from entry. As long as your entry is under 1.50$ Do this if entry is under $1.50: Once your order is filled, then set Sell Limit at 4.50$ per contract.

This is 0.50 cents above the WFC contract high. 

Tranche #2

Sell all remaining options contracts on/before Monday, August 16, 2021.

WFC stock trading at $57 per share would give us the opportunity to close our final position at a gain of +900%.

Therefore, if you buy at/under 1.50$ per contract, then set Sell Limit Order at 14$ per contract. 

Barely a month later came time to close out that Tranche #1 on August 10. Some of our members took home gains of 100%... others reached as high as 360% by holding on a bit longer!

But of course, Tranche #2 was still active. Not too long later, we closed that too…

Helping members earn up to 504% total gains.

In these uncertain economic times, such profit potential can make a world of difference. It feels good to help people earn such big returns so they can prepare for the future.

And remember: this was on a big bank stock — not anything fancy. The opportunities are out there if you know where to look.

Speaking of that...

Click here to learn how to spot and execute trades like this one!

All the best,
Coach J.R. Jaén Celada
"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
- Thomas Jefferson
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