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Trade Alerts

Exclusive access to the highest-probability, lowest-risk trades identified with our powerful SDF methodology and vetted by our master trader. Alerts come via email and SMS text message and include the company name and ticker symbol, the options contract presenting the best risk/reward ratio, specific price targets for entry, and any other pertinent information.
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Trade Modeling

Using a unique trade modeling approach known as tranching, PFG members can structure their trades for maximum upside potential and minimum downside risk. Put simply, tranching helps amplify profit potentials exponentially.
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Portfolio Monitoring

Proper trade management is critical to maximizing your success as a trader. It’s not enough to simply enter the trade. That’s why every position held in the PFG portfolio is fully monitored to take you from the point of placing the trade all the way to your full exit. Simply follow the alerts for any trade management updates.
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Trade Room Access

At PFG, our goal is to turn you into a trading pro who can find and qualify these high-potential trades on your own. That’s why every week you’ll enjoy live coaching with our master trader who will train you in the SDF methodology and help you develop and hone your skills.
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10x Guarantee

All Profit Flow Group members will have the chance to 10X their initial investment within the first 12 months — or else the second year is on us!
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VIP Client Support

As a PFG member, help is only a phone call away. You’ll have direct access to our VIP client support staff to handle any questions or concerns you may have regarding your service account.
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